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Before you decide to brighten your dull, yellow smile, our Toms River Smiles Dental team encourages you to think about a few things. Teeth whitening in Toms River, New Jersey, is a beneficial treatment that can give you the results you are looking for. However, it’s not for everyone. So, to help you have the best whitening or cosmetic experience possible, we recommend thinking about the following things:

What does your dentist say?
Unfortunately, not every tooth stain can be corrected with teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is also discouraged if you have sensitive teeth, gum disease, or worn tooth enamel. So, it’s best to meet with your dentist before starting treatment so you can get the best advice possible.

Is teeth whitening worth the cost?
Teeth whitening is usually worth the cost if it’s covered by your dental insurance. However, the treatments aren’t always covered by insurance carriers. So, it’s best to check your dental plan and make sure the treatment is covered.

Should you use an over-the-counter or professional treatment?
Both over-the-counter and in-office whitening are beneficial, but they are both different. In-office whitening is quick and easy and it usually only takes one to two appointments to notice results. Over-the-counter whitening can be done within the walls of your own home but it might take some time to notice the whitening effects.

If you would like to visit with Dr. Harihar Kumar and discuss your whitening options, please feel free to call our office at 732-244-1163. The sooner you call our office, the sooner you’ll be able to find the best whitening treatment for your smile. We look forward to helping you!