Restore Confidence and Dental Health with Dentures

The beautiful results of tooth restoration give satisfaction to both patients and dentists. Achieving a natural and appealing smile, despite tooth loss, restores confidence and self-esteem.  

The Traditional Approach: Dentures and Bridges

Dentures have been available for more than a hundred years, and their design has been perfected over time. They are removable and may be used for the replacement of just one tooth, several teeth, (a partial denture,) or a full arch of teeth.

Once steps have been taken to prepare the mouth, Dentists take an impression of the gums using a putty-like substance. A lab devises a custom fitting prosthetic usually within a couple of weeks. Patients can give input on the size, color and shape of their new restorations, and a bright and natural smile results. Sometimes additional visits are necessary to perfect the fit and alignment of dentures.

Traditional restorations are held in place with adhesive glue, and they provide most of the same functions of natural teeth. An added plus is that insurance often contributes to the cost of dentures.


Dental bridges are not removable. They cement an artificial tooth (called a pontic) onto adjacent teeth. It is important to consider the health of the supporting teeth; they need to be strong to support the bridge for many years.  The bridge prevents teeth from shifting, and it restores the chewing function of the tooth. The artificial tooth is made of a porcelain that matches the rest of your smile.

Dentures Using Dental Implant Restoration

Dentists and patients are increasing their favor for Dental Implants for their ability to completely replace a tooth from the root to the crown. Benefits include:dentures

  • Permanent restoration that doesn’t move
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Looks and feels natural

With this restoration, a titanium post is placed into the jawbone. When tooth loss occurs, the jawbone begins a process called resorption where atrophy of the bone leads to bone loss. The post of an implant, keeps the jaw bone stimulated and thwarts the continuation of bone loss.

A healthy jaw bone also affects the beauty of a smile. With bone loss, the mouth can appear sunken, aging the appearance of an individual. Because of its biocompatibility, the post is perfectly integrated into the bone. This stimulates bone growth and increases the strength of the jaw.

Finally, dental implants provide a restoration of function that is nearly identical to real teeth. There is not the worry of dentures slipping when adhesives fail, or a limitation to the kinds of foods one can eat.

Dental Implants are available for the restoration of one tooth, a bridge, or a full arch denture.

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