Professional Dental Crown Services

While teeth are strong, your smile is still vulnerable to damage, decay, and unexpected injury. Our team provides exceptional crowns designed to protect the integrity of your teeth and blend perfectly with the rest of your smile.

Thanks to our in-office dental lab, we use beautiful and reliable porcelain materials to craft your crown, so that your restorations look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. For more detailed information about how our crowns can benefit your smile, contact our office today!

The Versatility of Crowns  

Dental crowns can address various dental health issues, making them a preferred treatment option by dentists. Crowns are used as a protective and aesthetic finishing after root canal therapy. Their ability to encompass the entire structure of a tooth makes them ideal for correcting broken, cracked, or severely decayed teeth. When affixed to a single dental implant post or many, crowns offer unparalleled effectiveness for rebuilding your smile after tooth loss. Crowns can also be used for replacing any number of missing teeth within a smile.

The Advantage of CEREC® Same-Day Crowns

Our CEREC technology allows us to provide effective treatment when you need it most without compromising quality. With same-day service, there’s no need for temporary prosthetics. The CEREC milling machine crafts your crown using digital impressions of your smile, ensuring an exact fit and comfortable results every time.  

A worn or damaged smile isn’t something you should have to deal with. Our professional team provides you with a healthy, beautiful, and fully functional smile. Call us today to schedule your visit!  


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