Dealing With a Cavity

Apr 28 • 1 minute read

You are probably aware that there are several steps you’ll need to take to keep your mouth healthy and strong. For example, you might understand that flossing and brushing are important. You are may also be aware that you should schedule two checkups with us each year. These regular appointments will give our team the opportunity to search your smile for issues you might not be able to see yourself. It’s also important that you watch your own smile and call our dental team if you notice anything that worries you. Still while watching for symptoms of trouble is important, are you aware how you might be able to recognize a cavity?

However, there are a number of signs and symptoms you can watch for. As you may have already of guessed, one of the first signs of a cavity is pain or tenderness in your mouth, but did you know that you may have a cavity if you have any sort of pain when you bite? Another issue to watch for is sensitive teeth, you should also watch for black or brown spots visible holes in your teeth. If you spot any of these signs, we recommend getting in touch with our team right away.   

However, please be aware that these different symptoms may actually be difficult to notice on your own.This symptom often go unnoticed until you feel pain. By this point, a cavity may have formed already. This is partially because your back teeth are a lot harder to brush and clean than your front teeth simply because they can be harder to reach and to clean thoroughly.

Again, we recommend setting up regular dental appointments with our team if you would like to learn more about recognizing a cavity in Toms River, New Jersey, please contact Toms River Smiles Dental at 732-244-1163. Our dentist, Dr. Harihar Kumar, and the rest of our team will be happy to assess your pearly whites for signs of trouble. We’ll also be happy to address any concerns you  might have. We’re excited to meet with you!

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