CEREC: Benefits Beyond Same-Day Dentistry

December 26, 2017

Advancements in modern dental technology have brought about the introduction of CEREC technology, which can provide same-day dental restorations, especially dental crowns. The cutting-edge computer-assisted technology enables Dr. Harihar Kumar to design a custom-made dental crown based using an impression of your smile that tailors the product to your unique needs. From beginning to end, this can all be completed in a single day!

The benefits of receiving CEREC technology goes beyond same-day dental crowns to offer many perks for your smile, including:

– The ability of CEREC to create single-visit dental crowns eliminates the need for temporary dental crowns, which can be uncomfortable and unstable because they aren’t customized to the tooth.
– CEREC technology can create porcelain dental fillings as well as crowns, and the design of the porcelain can result in the filling being more durable than composite dental fillings.
– Because the dental restorations are milled right on site, the final product can be precisely cut and therefore flawless.
– CEREC crowns are known to be very durable and last more than a decade with proper care.

We encourage you to care for your CEREC crown so that it can continue to protect your tooth for several years. To learn more about the benefits of CEREC dental crowns in Toms River, New Jersey, and to schedule a time to see our dentist, call 732-244-1163 and schedule an appointment at Toms River Smiles Dental.