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Halloween and bucket loads of candy have gone hand-in-hand for decades now, and although it is one of our favorite pastimes, we aren’t doing our teeth any favor. This year, take control of your sweet tooth. If left unchecked, you may be faced with a monster. Enjoy your treats in moderation, and perhaps try some of the following ideas:

– Non-Sugar Rewards: Switch out your loved one’s candy with toys, money, or other rewards.
– Opt for Healthy Treats: Eat healthy, and you will be healthy.
– Visit the dentist for an oral exam, or a professional cleaning
– Make a Candy Plan: Decide in advance what should be done with any collected/leftover candy, or else you could find yourself snacking on sugary sweets for weeks.
– Dental Double-check: Check the candy received for yourself and your family, and remove those pieces that don’t dissolve easily or are washed away in your mouth easily.
– Brush after Eating: Residue from candy lingers easily in hidden places, especially from hard or sticky candies, so be sure to brush and floss with proper techniques.
– Go for Short Binges, Not Grazing: Avoid snacking over long periods of time and in between meals.

The more you do to protect yourself from negative consequences, the more fun the holiday season can actually be. For more information, contact Toms River Smiles Dental, at 732-244-1163, or stop by our office in Toms River, New Jersey

From your local dental superheroes, we wish you all a safe and happy Halloween!